Minimalist Fitness: My Home Setup

I’m not a fan of gyms. Mostly because it requires human interact which contradicts my hermit personality. But also because it’s expensive and requires me to motivate myself not only to do my workout but to DRIVE there. I don’t like that extra step nor do I need 90% of the equipment that gyms stock. I work out exclusively at home and I don’t have much.

What I’m trying to drive home is that you don’t need a gym to workout. You don’t even equipment.

My equipment: 

+ Exercise/yoga mat
+ Jump rope
+ Dumbbells: a set of 5 lbs, 8lbs, and a solitary 3 and 10 – Most were given to me but the rest I picked up pretty cheap.
+ Ankle weights: 3lbs pair. – Usually only use these if I’m working out somewhere outside of home and I don’t want to lug around dumbbells. I’d like to trade in for some 5s.

My 8lb set is usually my go to when I do weighed workouts and I’m hoping to get some 15s soon and maybe a 20lb kettlebell. All you really need to workout is yourself, and maybe some resources online. Everything else can come later.  I suggest starting with a mat and a jump rope first if that’s all you can afford. After that maybe a set of level appropriate dumbbells.

Don’t let equipment be your excuse not to get your sweat on.


Workout Playlist: October Edition

1) National Anthem — Lana Del Rey
2) Walking — Alexz Johnson
3) Push — Matchbox Twenty
4) Hunger Pains — Alexz Johnson
5) Unwell — Matchbox Twenty
6) Running With the Devil — Alexz Johnson
7) As Usual — Alexz Johnson
8) Inconveniences — Alexz Johnson
9) Dirty Water — Alexz Johnson
10) Give Me Fire — Alexz Johnson

All I Want For Christmas Is Abs: Week 2: Time to Start Sweating

WEEK 2 — Time to Start Sweating

Mini Challenges:
1) Start a strength training program. Aim for a sweat session 6 times per week with a minimum of 5.
2) Keep up with previous challenges from the first week.

Figure out what your goal is for Christmas morning. A simple goal is an ending weight– but if you’re gaining muscle and losing fat it may not be a clear indication of your progress. I will be setting a goal BODY. My personal fitspo page is kind of what I’m going for– though I know it may take longer than 10 weeks to achieve some of those physiques I’d like to get as close as possible. If you’re a beginner stick to bodyweight workouts and avoid interval training– you can use the below workout schedule.

2012 Houston Pro Bikini Division — Top 5 + Some Favorites


1) Diana Dahlgren — She’s one of my favorites. So glad she took first. She co-hosts Muscle Girls Inc. so I’m a little biased but just look at her body! It speaks for itself.

2) Justine Munro — Wow. Look at those abs and legs! Just wow.

3) Tawna Eubanks — Not sure what it is but she just doesn’t stand out to me. Kinda surprised she took third. Maybe it’s the legs.

4) Ashley LeBlanc — She’s pretty amazing; the only thing I’d change is more booty. Would have preferred her in third place.

5) Ashley Kaltwasser — A little softer than the others in the top 5 but very nice physique (and booty!)

7) Vida Guerra — This girl has an ass to die for.

12) Adrienne Crenshaw — Stunning abs and legs.

17) Bianca Berry — Her first pro show. Love her. She’s got abs, booty and just an amazing overall physique. Wish she woulda placed higher.

The Women Who Inspire Me

Click on the photo to be taken to their individual websites.

Ronda Rousey — She’s an MMA icon. She’s mean and she doesn’t mess around. I don’t even watch MMA and I love her; that’s how amazing she is.

Zuzana Light — If you know me at all you know she’s my hero. Her workouts kill and her coffee talks are always what I need. Hero worship anyone?

Krissy Mae Cagney — This girl is a beast and her approach to nutrition is similar to what I believe in. She’s the most inspirational person in my Instagram feed. I would kill to participate in one of her bootcamps.