Minimalist Fitness: My Home Setup

I’m not a fan of gyms. Mostly because it requires human interact which contradicts my hermit personality. But also because it’s expensive and requires me to motivate myself not only to do my workout but to DRIVE there. I don’t like that extra step nor do I need 90% of the equipment that gyms stock. I work out exclusively at home and I don’t have much.

What I’m trying to drive home is that you don’t need a gym to workout. You don’t even equipment.

My equipment: 

+ Exercise/yoga mat
+ Jump rope
+ Dumbbells: a set of 5 lbs, 8lbs, and a solitary 3 and 10 – Most were given to me but the rest I picked up pretty cheap.
+ Ankle weights: 3lbs pair. – Usually only use these if I’m working out somewhere outside of home and I don’t want to lug around dumbbells. I’d like to trade in for some 5s.

My 8lb set is usually my go to when I do weighed workouts and I’m hoping to get some 15s soon and maybe a 20lb kettlebell. All you really need to workout is yourself, and maybe some resources online. Everything else can come later.  I suggest starting with a mat and a jump rope first if that’s all you can afford. After that maybe a set of level appropriate dumbbells.

Don’t let equipment be your excuse not to get your sweat on.


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