2012 Houston Pro Bikini Division — Top 5 + Some Favorites


1) Diana Dahlgren — She’s one of my favorites. So glad she took first. She co-hosts Muscle Girls Inc. so I’m a little biased but just look at her body! It speaks for itself.

2) Justine Munro — Wow. Look at those abs and legs! Just wow.

3) Tawna Eubanks — Not sure what it is but she just doesn’t stand out to me. Kinda surprised she took third. Maybe it’s the legs.

4) Ashley LeBlanc — She’s pretty amazing; the only thing I’d change is more booty. Would have preferred her in third place.

5) Ashley Kaltwasser — A little softer than the others in the top 5 but very nice physique (and booty!)

7) Vida Guerra — This girl has an ass to die for.

12) Adrienne Crenshaw — Stunning abs and legs.

17) Bianca Berry — Her first pro show. Love her. She’s got abs, booty and just an amazing overall physique. Wish she woulda placed higher.


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