All I Want For Christmas Is Abs: Week 1

Drinking black coffee.

I love me some coffee– usually it comes laden with syrups and milks. I’ve never been all too great at drinking it black. It’s just not as enjoyable for me. I need to stop viewing it as a treat; the caffeine is treat enough. To help with the transition I’ve allowed myself to use unsweetened almond milk as creamer if I need to. Regular milk is okay if I’m out and about– but definitely no sugars.

Protein & good carbs for breakfast.

I have a bad habit of skipping breakfast usually because I’m just not hungry before I head off to work. However when I skip breakfast I’m missing out on calories that I need in order to have a healthy caloric intake. On days I work out my breakfasts will include good carbs (most likely this will be oatmeal), eggs and fruit. On days I’m not working out I will limit myself to eggs and vegetables.

Obtaining & calculating starting stats.

Use google to figure out BMI & BMR but realize these are very basic and don’t account for a lot of factors so don’t take them to heart. If you can have your body fat percentage measured– otherwise settle for an estimation using google and an online calculator. More than likely in order to get a percentage you’ll need to take your measurements anyway so take the following measurements down: neck, shoulders, chest, bicep, waist, hips, thigh. Take some progress photos front, side and back– I will also be doing certain body parts like abs, and butt 🙂 Use the scale to figure out your starting weight— but again don’t hold too much credence to your weight loss or gain because the ultimate goal of the next 10 weeks is fat loss not weight loss. The most important stats you’ll need are your BMR and your measurements. So if you only do two stats those are the ones to do.


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