Menu Planning for 11/2-11/8

Oats w/ honey and cinnamon

Banana, coffee, groyo, almond milk

Fruit salad
Banana, grapes, almond butter
Raw brownie

Spinach, feta, red pepper, chicken wrapped in seaweed
Fish, mushrooms sauteed in coconut oil and garlic atop a bed of spinach
Chicken, quinoa, mushroom, asparagus mix


A taste of some of the things I’ll be making this week that is different from my usual menu.


All I Want for Christmas Is Abs: Week 3

WEEK 3 — Adding Liquid Assets

Mini Challenges:
1) Use protein shakes as fast on the go meals.
2) Drink at least 2 liters of water every day.
3) Keep up with previous challenges from weeks 1 & 2.

Develop your Christmas Wishlist. What will motivate you to keep going after Christmas hits? Figure out what you need to keep going: cute workout clothes, weights, DVDs, etc. Make your wishlist themed this year.

PS: Don’t go crazy on the Halloween candy 🙂

Monday Mingle

  • Do you collect anything?

    Lately the only things I seem to actively collect are books  and music.

  • Would you rather have super strength or super intelligence and why?

    This is a tough one. I’d have to say strength only because intelligence seems to bring forth some harsh realities where ignorance would have kept you a happier person. I feel very pessimistic writing this out…

  • Would you rather have the power to be invisible or the power to read minds and why?

    Reading minds probably. It’d be nice to hear the truth about what people are really thinking. But then again maybe that movie The Invention of Lying had a point.

  • What is your favorite thing about autumn?

    The typical things: Pumpkin EVERYTHING, colorful leaves and long autumn walks.

  • What advice would you give to your younger self?

    1) Start fitness early– it’ll save you so much sadness and you’ll look amazing.

    2) All you can really control is the moment you have right now.

    3) Whenever you’re going through a dark time take a second to look at who is around you. These are the only people who really matter.


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All I Want For Christmas Is Abs: Week 2: Time to Start Sweating

WEEK 2 — Time to Start Sweating

Mini Challenges:
1) Start a strength training program. Aim for a sweat session 6 times per week with a minimum of 5.
2) Keep up with previous challenges from the first week.

Figure out what your goal is for Christmas morning. A simple goal is an ending weight– but if you’re gaining muscle and losing fat it may not be a clear indication of your progress. I will be setting a goal BODY. My personal fitspo page is kind of what I’m going for– though I know it may take longer than 10 weeks to achieve some of those physiques I’d like to get as close as possible. If you’re a beginner stick to bodyweight workouts and avoid interval training– you can use the below workout schedule.

Monday Mingle

  • Are you a competitive person?

    To a point I am. Competition tends to get me more motivated and focused but that’s about it. I’m okay with losing especially if someone deserved to win more than I did.

  • What was your least favorite subject in school and why?

    Math. Because apparently I’m awful at numbers. For something so logical it makes no sense!

  • What is your favorite technique of dealing with stress?

    Exercising! I love to sweat it alllll out. I turn into a big ball of crazy when I don’t.

  • Share something about your self that we might not know?

    Matchbox 20 is my favorite band.

  • If you can change one thing in the world what would it be?

    All the intolerance and close-mindedness. I wish we could all just love each other.


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